Week 11 Justify Investment on Security

From the articles and conversation in class, it can be very  expensive to justify an investment on security. For exampled in the aviation system document, the industry has very strict security policies so it is very important to keep up to industry standards. It is not always easy to upgrade one system to another because of database silos caused by the preexisting system.  In the “San Francisco International Airport and Quantum Secure’s SAFE for Aviation System: Making the Business Case for Corporate Security” document, most of the procedures were processed manually which caused databases with different file formats. Fixing an issue like this can cause a company millions of dollars and a lot of time. Therefore it is important to convince upper level management that an upgrade like this is worth the investment and proves that the company is up to TSA standards.

Securing old systems like this is only going to get more and more important. I would prefer to be a company that upgraded their systems for security, than to be the one in the news that had a data or security breach because they were not up to regulation standards. I believe that because of the most recent attacks like at Sony, companies are now realizing this and they should be upgrading their systems as need be otherwise they could lose millions of dollars in a data breach and even worse their reputation and brand recognition in the industry.


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