Week 10 Data and Security

From the readings and class session this week I actually did not know that the secret service handled data breaches in the banking industry. I thought they were only supposed to protect the President. As far as a data breach goes in a major corporation, I believe they should disclose the information as quickly as possible to the possible users whose data was breach, unless the FBI, NSA, Secret Service or any other government departments say otherwise.  A companies brand recognition could be at stake if they do not disclose the information that they have been breached. This could cost them millions if not billions of dollars.  I believe this breach information should be sent out to the affected users via email, and postage mail.

One issue that could arise if you do not disclose breach information is that another person, company or hacker could leak the information first which would make the company look like they were trying to cover it up. A company should be the first to disclose any breach information because it lets the affected users know what possible data could have been leaked and it lets them know that the company is taking the proper measures to resolve the issue.


I think that people managing their own personal data file folder is a great idea, but there could be some issues. People should be able to opt out of companies or other users gathering information about them for instance when employers go to your Facebook page or find access to your social media accounts. One of my brother’s friends is a programmer and one of his old jobs was to write a web crawler program that manager could use to find information about people. For instance, a manager or someone would type in a first name name and last name into a box along with a possible birthday and the program would go out and gather all the information about them. They would then use this in the hiring decision if they thought it was necessary.

For people who say, “do not post stupid pictures of yourself online”, everywhere you go people have cameras and someone is always taking pictures or filming. An example of this is below.

An interesting case of this issue of copyright laws and who owns the data is the Technoviking case.  In this case Technoviking went viral and he was not happy about the video. From some articles it says he sued the original owner who posted the video and received about $10,000 Euro and the video had to be deleted from everywhere. But at this point, the video was already viral and thousands if not millions of people could have downloaded it and made other pictures/clips of it to receive Internet fame. The article and video are below.

Source: http://www.technollama.co.uk/the-curious-case-of-technoviking

Technoviking Case Info: http://www.dailydot.com/news/technoviking-german-lawsuit-matthias-fritsch/


I do not believe there is a way to fully disconnect or delete all data or information about you online. I also would not trust a company that says they have deleted all your information if there was an opt out option.

Some examples of people trying to get pictures off the Internet are below.

Beyonce: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mattbellassai/the-best-of-the-internets-response-to-beyonces-unflattering#.ufRLpZPwQR

Other famous memes stories: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/jan/24/techno-viking-internet-celebrity-curse

In conclusion, I believe personal privacy with your information and pictures on the Internet will be almost impossible to manage this day and age.

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