Week 9 Core IS Theories II

From the readings, I believe that the best way for a firm to be competitive is to integrate the firm’s IT resources into the company through management. There needs to be a strategic end goal that the company has. A company can pour thousands if not millions of dollars in IT resources, but if there is not end goal or good management to implement those resources, then the company is just wasting money. Having good management and knowledgeable employees are key to implementing IT resources.

From Greg speaking in Teresa’s MIS class, it was very interesting to hear from him about audits and how policies and standards can be put into place.  In our Communications class, we just had to write “How to” documents for Standard Operating procedures. It was interesting for Greg and Teresa to bring up a few examples and how they relate to CSUSM. It helped me better understand what the difference is between a policy and a standard.


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