Management and Security

After looking at the Three Components of a Balanced Approach to Organizational Security, I believe it is very important to to keep a balance between Organization, Critical Infrastructures and Technology. However, I believe Critical Infrastructures could be the most damaging if taken out. A company needs to have  backups onsite and offsite. For example, we have had a few fires that have been only feet away from our main powerplant that controls the power, water and more to our campus. If this plant would have burned down, our school could have been down for a while until they repaired everything. It could have been a month maybe longer. Luckily the firefighters and grounds people kept the fire away from it so we were able to operate once the fire was put out.

John discussed in class that if we had an earthquake, not all of our data is offsite so there could be a major loss if the campus was leveled. Companies need to have contengency plans for the worst of the worst. This goes both for natural disasters and possible data breaches or break ins by hackers.  A company can control the technology they use and manage the organization, but for critical infrastructures, they may not have full control over it, but they should work towards government industry collaboration and critical infrastructure protection.

As for the F-Secure Corporation readings, F-Secure made a very smart move by going after the ISP’s as their new source of revenue. After 9/11 in 2001, technology was developing at a very fast rate, but the security development seemed like it was always one step behind. Hackers would find a new exlpoit, and then F-Secure and other companies would find ways to detect and fix the exploit.  After the video we saw in class, it is another smart move for F-Secure to go after cloud storage. It seems the buzzword in 2014 was “the cloud” and how everyone thought we should move to it. Now in 2015, “security” seems to be the new buzzword because of all the recent data breaches like the iPhone photos of celebrities and Sony this year. Securing the cloud is crucial and it is smart for F-Secure to support that.


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