The Stages Theory article

In this article, it talks about how there are three different S curves that include the DP Era, Micro Era, and Network Era. The Network Era has created the infrastructure for the next era which I believe is the Internet of Things.

After the Network Era, mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches and many other devices were created and they are all able to connect to the Internet. Now more and more devices that were never used over the Internet are now connecting in some way creating the Internet of things. Thermostats, baby monitors, dog monitors, cars, refrigerators, and much more are now all connecting to the Internet, but how secure are these devices. These “things” have also been a disruptive technology because they lack security. 60 Minutes news has had a special saying that they could hack a car and control it with just a few programs purchased of the black market on the Internet. The link is below.

I believe this Internet of Things Era will cause a future Security Era because of the massive breaches of data and hacks that have been made. Companies are already being forced to defend from cyber attacks and I believe it will only get worse in the coming years.


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