“The Chief Technology Officer” Blog

I found it interesting that this article sent out questionnaires to 29 executives in the Spring of 1986 and  had results that Research and Development was intertwined with the rest of the business units, but Information Support systems were the most common missing element. I feel that  if we did this same study  in 2016 with questionnaires sent out to CTO’s, we would find that Information Support systems would be a major element to the study alongside Research and development. I also feel that at the business-unit level, if there is not a synergy between the Technology directors and the different divisions, growth could be severely stunted specially in the world of today where technology is the driving influence.

In IITS at CSUSM, we are the backbone for supporting the campus. If our network goes down, professors may not be able to teach unless they have notes on paper. If our Cougar courses website goes down like it has in the past, students and professors cannot access their materials.  Although these issues rarely happen, they must be restored quickly so that the rest of the campus can continue working.

When we did a Dean search for IITS, many other departments joined in on the meetings and asked each candidate what they could do for their department or how the candidate could improve their department with the latest technology. For our campus, it is crucial for the Dean to go out and meet the other departments to fill their technological needs. Just like in the article, if corporations do not have synergy with other departments, it can cause the corporation to halt in moving forward. Working with other departments and having good synergy is key to have a competitive advantage in the industry.


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